Slide BLOCK. PREVENT. CONTROL. Stop Salesforce duplicates before they become a problem. BLOCK. PREVENT. CONTROL. Stop Salesforce duplicates before they become a problem.

Prevent manual entries & web leads from becoming duplicates

DupeCatcher acts as shield, blocking duplicate records before they have a chance to invade your data. As records are created manually or from marketing automation systems, such as forms from your website, DupeCatcher ensures information submitted to your database is unique and not duplicated. Using various filters and rules, DupeCatcher works on the front lines to protect your clean data, no matter the complexity or size of your database.

Start Blocking Dupes

Block duplicates in real time

Identify duplicate leads, accounts, and contacts as they’re manually added or from web submissions and forms (web-to-lead). Create filters and rules to tell DupeCatcher what fields to match on, either standard Salesforce fields or custom fields.

Update & Create records

Set rules to block the insert of duplicates or use alerts to merge and update records. Override blocked duplicates to create new unique records when needed.

Maintain data quality

Merge or convert duplicate leads with existing contacts and accounts into a single record, preventing the creation of new duplicates and maintaining established data quality standards. You can also choose to override a block if needed.

Have full control

Retain full control of the identification and merging process, eliminating any fear of loss while cleansing data. DupeCatcher provides maximum flexibility to align with your business processes.

Slide "Love this app! Way to provide an amazing solution!" IMPRESSED DUPECATCHER USER Slide "There is a huge cost for us when duplicate client contact records are introduced. This is a great tool that prevents that from happening, helping minimize the 'human error' element of data entry." AWESOME DUPECATCHER CUSTOMER Slide "This app is a great addition to our Salesforce instance. Being able to create my own filters and review potential duplicates has helped keep my data clean. Best of all is that it is free!" BRILLIANT DUPECATCHER USER Slide "Very simple to implement and it gets the job done. No more annoying duplications. Cannot believe it's free. As a Salesforce Admin, I'd recommend this to every organization, no matter the size." EFFICIENT DUPECATCHER CUSTOMER
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