Prevent Duplicate Records in Salesforce

Get your FREE copy of DupeCatcher on the Salesforce® AppExchange™ and see for yourself the power of clean data inside your Salesforce instance.


  • Identify and block or merge duplicate contacts, leads, and accounts as they're added in REAL time.
  • Retain control of the dedupe process without fear of data loss.
  • Maintain established data quality standards with a clean database.
  • One-click install via the Salesforce AppExchange. No software to download and maintain.
  • Instantly override a blocked record and create the duplicate when needed (Enterprise Edition and higher only).
  • Use standard and/or custom Salesforce fields to identify duplicate records.



What Users Are Saying:

  • Tremendously helpful in keeping our data clean DupeCatcher has been tremendously helpful in keeping our data clean. As is true with any database, duplicate entries are a constant and difficult issue. Installing this free application from the AppExchange has been highly effective in helping us identify and clean records that were already created, as well as, preventing new duplicates. It performs very well and is easy to understand, customize and maintain. Stopping duplicates at the source (as they are being entered) is very helpful. I’m very pleased with this application and would highly recommend it.
    Leyna Hoffer, Manager, CRM Services, Merrill Corporation
  • Fast and easy to set up We did not have an easy way to combine or delete duplicates in our Salesforce accounts and often ended up having to manually clean our database, which took up a lot of time and energy. We were really surprised at how fast and easy it was to set up filters in DupeCatcher. We had an automated Salesforce deduplication system running in minutes. I’m now actually confident in the quality and consistency of our data.
    Claudia Aslin, Director of Operations,
  • A great addition to Salesforce Due to lack of maintenance in our records, I spent two weeks cleaning up thousands of duplicate leads and contacts in our Salesforce instance. To prevent the same issue from happening, DupeCatcher was a great addition to Salesforce. DupeCatcher now notifies users when creating duplicate records, which in turn, saves me hours of clean up!
    Shana Fu, Marketing Manager, Ingram Micro
  • Great app for a common problem! As a Certified Consultant, I work with many companies across the globe who regularly face issues of data integrity and duplication. Having used DupeCatcher with several customers now, it has become a firm favourite and a welcome addition to our consult toolkit. Whether it’s helping sales and marketing to prevent duplicate leads (and on lead conversion, Accounts and Contacts) or if its Administrators trying to keep the data clean DupeCatcher is a straightforward and neat app that really delivers. After installing this app and watching the YouTube video on how to set it up, I found it a breeze to use and easy to configure the Filters/Rules. The ability to create both AND (rules) and OR (filters) logic is simple yet powerful. Coupled with the new override feature (for those odd business needs) and the customised alerts mean this is a fantastic free app!!
    Mike Barber, Senior Consultant, Astadia
  • Just what we needed I love DupeCatcher. We were using Lotus Notes (from the stone age) and there were, literally, hundreds of dupes. There is no way to fix them except to manually open the file and change it. With DupeCatcher, I have caught just about every dupe. It has been great. Thanks for an awesome, very necessary, application.
    Elena Miller, Sales Office Manager, Reedy International
  • Very Good Application Very nice application and solved the problem of preventing duplicate records from being created. The video demo of this app is a great help for users. Keep up the good work.
    Pranav Marathe, ePeople HR Services
  • Works great, awesome support...and it's free! This tool allows me to easily keep my org's data clean with very little administrative effort on my part. It's easy to set up and flexible enough to meet my org's needs while keeping the dupes at bay. I had a bit of trouble upgrading to the latest version, but the support from Symphonic Source was awesome! They were extremely responsive and preemptively reached out to me to keep me apprised of the fixes they made. New version has been successfully installed and I'm excited about the new functionality!
    Kristen Gall, Process Administrator, Group Delphi
  • GREAT APP!!! What can I say? DupeCatcher is the best App on the AppExchange platform. It's very easy to use and very reliable! The Support Team from Symphonic Source answered my open questions quickly! Great Support!!!
    Christian Manthey, SolarTechnics
  • Excellent App with great support The DupeCatcher App is a great addition to any instance looking for dupe spotting. On our instance we have set up alerts only in order to keep our sales team active, instead of being stopped in their tracks by a Dupe Alert that won't allow them to enter duped data. Also, DupeCatcher is great because it allows us to keep contacts with the same name at previous companies without having to delete them. It will register a duplicate entry, and we can go change their status at the company and update their current contact record with past contact history. All in all a great addition to our setup. I had emailed support and they emailed me right back. They even walked me through creating some filters and made sure they were collecting the correct data.
    Matthew Solanch, Project Administrator, Wolf-tech
  • Clean Data - Happy Administrator Easy install, customization, and management. Can't wait until it allows you to clean your database of existing duplicates as well. I love this app, hard to believe that it's free. Dupecatcher truly has been a lifesaver for me and my only regret is not installing it sooner!
    Launa Saunders, Customer Care Administrative Assistant, Networkfleet
  • Great App Easy to install and easy to use. The documentation walks you through the entire process. A great app at a price that can't be beat.
    Greg Coolidge, Director of Enterprise Applications, PAR Springer-Miller Systems
  • Simple to Install and Setup Installed within minutes and already caught our first dup! Great product!
    Robert Magaletta, President, ShadowTrack Technologies
  • Perfect App for Catching Dupes I have never installed an app on Salesforce. DupeCatcher was easy to install and is a super app. It does exactly what it says on the tin, and it’s free. I would highly recommend!!
    Adrian McCourt, Barclay Commuinications
  • Awesome App We're really glad to have this application installed in our Salesforce. It keeps our database's quality on a high level, so it can stay neat and clean. Duplicates cease to be an issue after DupeCatcher is installed. Plus it's free! It is definitely a tool that many Salesforce-using companies should have due to its advantages. I can definitely recommend DupeCatcher to anyone.
    Balazs Kiss, Salesforce Administrator, Move One, Inc.